Vibrant Organic Local Farm in Lexington

Annie B's Family Farm LLC, located in Lexington, is a cherished family-run farm rooted in the rich agricultural traditions of our grandmother and great-grandmother, Annie B. Givens. 
Our farm embodies the spirit of resilience and community, thriving on the love and support of family and friends. We are dedicated ...

Embracing Organic Farming Traditions

Our commitment to organic farming is a tribute to our heritage and the lessons passed down from our grandmother and great-grandmother, Annie B. Givens. Located in the heart of Lexington, Mississippi, our farm thrives on the principles of sustainability and natural growth. We believe in nurturing the soil and the ...

Fresh, Organic Produce

Enjoy the taste of nature with our non-GMO, chemical-free vegetables, straight from our family farm to your table.

Community-Centered Farming

We are committed to nourishing our local community with healthy, fresh produce while supporting sustainable farming practices.

Black-Owned and Female-Run

Proudly black-owned and female-run, our farm champions diversity and empowerment in agriculture.

Browse Our Bounty

Discover the freshest, healthiest produce straight from our fields. Browse our selection of organic vegetables and experience the difference that quality and care make. Visit our shop to bring the bounty of Annie B's Family Farm to your table today!